You want your life back.

I know what its like to loose your life to illness. I know what its like to be overwhelmed, afraid, or unsure what to do next in order to get well. This program is a culmination of my own journey in healing from chronic pain and seizures, as well as my education, and experience with both sacred healing approaches, and modern science and medicine. 

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My 7 week Sacred Healing program, will take the guesswork out of how to reclaim your life and move forward in your healing. This is not an extreme makeover--it's a healthy, balanced and compassionate plan that's easy to follow. Along the way you'll have support from our wonderful community, and mentoring from me. I'll guide you on an integrative journey, helping you to take the best of both ancient and modern healing techniques to transform your reality and take back your life. This is a blueprint that will set you firmly on the path of healing.

The content is delivered in weekly modules that are designed to take you out of overwhelm and into clarity. With a strong focus on exploring the actions, and practices that will help you the most, this deeply personal course is a journey into the heart of healing: healing your body and you life. 

The program gives you education, guidance, resources, sacred medicine practices, ongoing support, and love. Each module has a strong focus on exploring the actions and practices that will hep you during this deeply personal journey into the heart of healing: healing your body and reclaiming your life! 

The Sacred Healing Program includes a LIVE weekly call with Julien, and audio & video content that will educate, inspire and support you in delving into the topic of the week:

  • Rich content that integrates the best of modern medicine, holistic medicine and the wisdom of the sacred healing approach 
  • Practical exercises and questions that will help you create your individualized healing plan
  • Sacred Medicine practices from the world's Sacred Healing traditions
  • Weekly Q&A call and group healing with Julien
  • Helpful and communicative course delivery platform to help you with accountability and implementation
  • A flexible, bite sized structure designed to take you out of overwhelm and into clarity
  • Practical, ready-to-use tools
  • Weekly resource recommendation list

Enrollment only opens twice a year-Get on the waitlist so you don't miss it!

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