About Julien DuBrow


The path to real healing…

I was born with a seizure condition, so I know what it’s like to live with a chronic illness, managing symptoms and flare ups while trying to have a ‘normal’ life. Having faced the often overwhelming consequences of being chronically ill, I know what it takes to stay positive in the face of pain and illness, and continue to move forward in real healing.

In 1991, I had a bad running accident, which left me with a severe head injury and chronic pain. My seizures turned from an occasional annoyance to an uncontrollable and debilitating force. This, coupled with the pain condition that arose from the accident left me totally disabled. I was only 24 at the time, had a BA degree in psychology and lots of positive thinking at my disposal as I launched into a recovery plan. I rose up in my strongest, warrior attitude ready to battle for my health.

I tried everything: The best of traditional, holistic medicine and the best of modern, AMA medicine. Everything. And while some things helped, some of the time, the main issues persisted, and my body and my life got worse over time. The pain condition was so intense and unendurable at one point, I had to take morphine to endure. After 10 years of struggle with--and battling against--my illness, I found myself at one of the top neurologist at Cedars Sinai. He took a look at a picture of my brain, wrote me a prescription for pain meds and told me there was nothing else he could do. He said I’d never get out of chronic pain. I’d have to learn to make the best of it. I still remember the shock and hopelessness I felt as he reached out his hand and wished me “Good luck.”

Fortunately, my mother was with me at that visit. As we walked down the cold, sterile hall, away from his office, my body started to tremble with an overwhelming sense of futility, and I began to weep. My mother took hold of my hand and pressed it firmly. She wiped the tears from my cheeks and said,

“Healing is always possible, Julien.” There were tears in her eyes too. “This is not the end,” she continued. “This is just the beginning. We will never give up!”

This was the moment my real healing began. My mother helped me stop battling my body and my illness turning me instead to the path of Sacred Healing, which is a pilgrimage into the powerful paradigm of spiritual healing and energy medicine. It is a strong and compassionate approach to getting well and staying well.

I returned to school earning my M.A. in Humanities and Theology, and I began studying and working with healers from Sacred Healing traditions from all over the world. I learned from traditionally trained shamans, medicine women, and spiritual healers, practicing their powerful healing techniques as I became healer myself. Despite doctor’s prognosis, I healed from 12 years of disabling chronic pain, got off all seizure medications and reclaimed my life.  

The Sacred Healing Sanctuary is the fulfilment of my vision to have affordable, accessible healing and support for all those who want to heal using the path of strength and compassion: the path of sacred healing.

Through the Sanctuary I offer private sessions, group healing, online programs and audios to help you reclaim control of your life and heal. Drawing from my own journey healing from seizures, chronic pain and Lyme, I bring deep compassion, and the wisdom of the Sacred Healing paradigm to all of my offerings.

Professional Bio

After 10 years of disabling pain Julien challenged her doctor’s dire prognosis and turned to the Sacred Healing paradigm which takes an integrated approach to healing. Honoring the best of both modern medicine and the medicine offered by sacred or spiritual healing traditions Julien healed. Now, she shares what she has learned, inspiring people to take Sacred Healing's compassionate and empowering approach to healing the body, relationships, and their life. She offers encouraging, actionable programs that teach individuals how to succeed in reclaiming their lives from chronic illness, while deepening their relationship with their innate gifts and talents. She writes, teaches and speaks on the subject of Sacred Healing and how to reclaim your life from chronic illness. 

Julien is the author of the Priestess Chronicles, a fiction series that takes the reader into the life of a traditional healer, and the heart of self-healing. She has attended the prestigious Squaw Valley Writers community and studied creative writing with Terri Brown-Davidson and poetry with Lucille Clifton and Sharon Olds. She is also a published poet.

With strong, loving guidance, Julien inspires people to take charge of their health, and their happiness, by reclaiming connection with what has heart and meaning, and stepping fully into Sacred Healing.