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Reclaim your life from illness and HEAL with Julien DuBrow and the Sacred Healing approach

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Julien DuBrow

Julien DuBrow offers private healing sessions, group healing, online programs, and audios, to help you reclaim control of your life and heal. Julien works in the powerful tradition of Sacred Healing. Drawing from her own journey healing from seizures, chronic pain, and Lyme, she brings deep compassion, and healing guidance to all of her offerings. 


Free Audio:

Learn How To Reclaim Your Life And Heal With Sacred Healing!

In this beautiful (and free) audio, Julien offers practical guidance from the Sacred Healing paradigm, on how to reclaim your life from illness and get well. You'll learn the fundamental strategies that will give you the courage and clarity to reclaim control of your life and move forward in your healing. 


Sacred Healing Program

My 8 week Sacred Healing program will take the guesswork out of how to reclaim your life and move forward in your healing. This is not an extreme makeover--it's a healthy, balanced and compassionate plan that's easy to follow. Along the way you'll have support, and mentoring from me. I'll guide you on an integrative journey, helping you to take the best of both ancient and modern healing techniques to take back your life. This is the blueprint that will set you firmly on the path of healing. 

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Free Resources

Guided Imagery

In this (free) audio Julien guides you through a Sacred Medicine Practice using the visual symbol of light to bring your awareness back to your body. Julien guides you, step by step, as your mind directs your body to engage in deep healing.

Spoken Word Passage

In this (free) audio track from Julien's Album, Blessing The Body, you are held in the uplifting sound of Hans Christian's cello, as Julien speaks from the wisdom of the Sacred Healing tradition. This is a passage of comfort and dignity.

Healing Video

In this (free) video Julien presents a visual Sacred Medicine practice to ignite your own, innate ability to heal. Just by watching, the mind relaxes, and follows along, directing your body to heal. This is a visual meditation to soothe, comfort, and engage in healing.


What Others Have To Say About Julien


“I felt safe & held with grace as Julien guided our group with her expansive knowledge, keen insights & joyful presentations.”

Paula Fava-Artist


"My healing sessions with Julien relieved the terrible migraine and headache pain I was having. She taught me how to be with my emotions in a way that freed me from the fear and anxiety I was facing. Thank you!"

Francesca Hunter-Life Coach


“For years Julien has been my ‘go-to’ person when circumstances arise that require deeper healing, new perspectives and overall soul searching. I highly recommend her for anyone looking for a soul-centered approach to healing.”

Mariko Drouin-Marketing Consultant