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Learn How To Reclaim Your Life And Heal With Sacred Healing!

In this beautiful (and free) audio, Julien offers practical guidance from the Sacred Healing paradigm, on how to reclaim your life from illness and get well.


Blessing The Body

A Companion In Healing


Working With Julien 

Julien helped me heal from Lyme and the disabling co-infections. I had been through an intravenous antibiotic drip that left me with disabling headaches and nausea, and a terrible rash. I was still unable to work because of all the symptoms. I saw Julien twice a week and she did distance healings too. I LOVE all the healing education she gave me and the support to make it through all the holistic protocols. It took about 9 months but I’m really well and back at work. Thank you Julien!
— Stacy Waller
On my first session with Julien, I limped into the office in terrible pain. I’ve lived with fibromyalgia and arthritis in my knee for over a decade. By the end of the hour, I walked out without my cane, totally pain-free. Thank you!
— Arthur Jenkins
Julien helped guide me through my journey with cancer. Her distance healing sessions were such a blessing when I was going through radiation. She didn’t judge me for my choices of therapies and I want to say thank you so much for that! I was scared and she gave me courage, and hope. I felt held and that meant so much. And after the radiation I didn’t have the side effects everyone else had. I’m so appreciative of Julien and her compassionate approach. I highly recommend her as a healer.
— Joan Wilcott
My healing sessions with Julien relieved the terrible migraine and headache pain I was having. She taught me how to be with my emotions in a way that freed me from the fear and anxiety I was facing. The work we did together helped me find my own path as a healer.
— Francesca Hunter
I felt safe & held with grace as Julien guided our group with her expansive knowledge, keen insights & joyful presentations.
— Paula Fava

Julien’s Novels

The Priestess Chronicles


Book 1

Calling The Priestess Home


Book 2

High Priestess of Atlantis


Book 3

Priestess Rising

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Healing is a time to focus on who you are rather than what you do. It takes real inner strength, and support to meet our fears, grief and struggles with kindness and a firm commitment to heal.