Spiritual Mentoring

“We come together in the service of deep healing and awakening as you take charge of your healing and your life.”


For those seeking ongoing support and guidance in their healing and/or their personal, and spiritual growth, Julien offers 1 on 1 mentoring and spiritual healing sessions. Each session offers a time to look closer at what you want: from your body, your relationships, work… and life. You’ll look at what beliefs you hold and what actions you take that contribute to suffering and the feeling of separation from life—and what you can do to heal/change that. You’ll explore ways to come home to what has deep heart and meaning to you while moving more and more toward the full experience of yourself—your True Nature. This is a time to learn how to trust both your body and your life. Sessions help you to learn sacred healing practices, and discover where your attention needs to go next, so that you can bring the body, mind and emotions into harmony. Learn how to live from states of happiness, peace and inner knowing, even when challenge arises. Sessions end with distance healing.

For established healers (those working with others in healing professions-bodyworkers, therapists, nurses, doctors, social workers etc.) mentoring sessions can be used to help strengthen your healing modality, and energize your grounding and empowerment practices. Julien teaches methodology for safe and effective sessions that will empower you and your body as you work, ending each session in deeper connection and aliveness with yourself and your body.

Where: Phone/Zoom Time: 60 mins Fee: $150

Scholarship Information

Healing often creates financial challenge and Julien wants to support those who need financial assistance to get the help and support they need. To this end Julien offers scholarships for those in need of financial assistance particularly those who work in social services (social workers, teachers, massage therapists, nurses, etc.) and those on disability income.