You want your life back.

As a Sacred Healer I know what its like to loose your life to illness. I know what its like to be overwhelmed, sad, or afraid, unsure what to do next in order to get well.

This program is a culmination of my own journey in healing from chronic pain and seizures, as well as my education, and experience with both sacred healing approaches, and modern science and medicine. 

The program is based on the principles of the Sacred Healing traditions, taking an integrative approach to healing. I’ve brought together all the key teachings, and resources that took me over a decade to find, and learn. Everything is presented in an organized, easy to digest, and flexible structure because I know that when you're healing, its easy to get overwhelmed. I’ve designed the program to balance online learning with personalized attention and group support. 

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The content is delivered in weekly modules that are designed to take you out of overwhelm and into clarity. With a strong focus on exploring the actions, and practices that will help you the most, this deeply personal course is a journey into the heart of healing: healing your body and you life. 

The program is filled with education, guidance, resources, sacred medicine practices, ongoing support, and love.

  • Audio & video content that will educate, inspire and support you in delving into the topic of the week
  • Rich content that integrates the best of modern medicine, holistic medicine and the wisdom of the sacred healing approach 
  • Practical exercises and questions that will help you create your individualized healing plan
  • Sacred Medicine practices from the world's Sacred Healing traditions
  • Weekly Q&A call and group healing with Julien
  • Helpful and communicative course delivery platform to help you with accountability and implementation
  • A flexible, bite sized structure designed to take you out of overwhelm and into clarity
  • Practical, ready-to-use tools
  • Weekly resource recommendation list

Overview of the program

  • Re-connect with the best way for you to make a healing connection with with yourself—your personal power, ability to heal and soulful wisdom—so that you can make a deep connection with your body and become its ally in healing. 
  • Re-connect with the needs of your body, mind, emotions and spirit. Find new, empowering and healing ways to fulfill them.
  • Re-connect with your family, partner, friends and community in ways that are empowering and supportive to everyone. Discover new ways of engaging with your community around your healing journey that deepen your bonding and connection.
  • Re-connect with your body in a way that leads back to caring, devotion and trust. 
  • Re-connect with your sense of purpose and destiny. 
  • Re-connect with courage as you turn toward your illness and face your fears with the support of our healing tribe, sacred healing practices, guides and assistants.
  • Re-connect with your ability to resource yourself, to nurture and restore your own strength and sense of peace.
  • Re-connect with your sense of dignity as you learn to honor the path of healing which you walk, releasing shame, fear, confusion and overwhelm. 
  • Re-connect with your Sacred Story and the reclaim the direction of your healing and your life.

The course includes:

  • 7 Audio/Video modules that will introduce and educate you on the topic of the week

  • 7 week workbook with step by step guide to Sacred Medicine practices and monthly inquiries that will lead you deeper into connection with yourself, your wisdom and your ability to heal yourself and your life 
  • 7 Sacred Medicine Practice audios/videos that utilize mind-body healing practices to create deeper connection with your body, your own healing wisdom, and your ability to heal yourself
  • 7 live conference calls with Julien where you can ask questions and get support
  • Participation in the Sacred Healing Facebook group where you’ll have the opportunity to share your explorations and creative assignments, get feedback and support form Julien, her staff, and the wonderful healing tribe we will create together as you go through the program 
  • 7 group healing sessions with Julien


Sacred Healing 2018 opens for registration in October 2017.

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What does it cost?

We've made the program as affordable and accessible as possible. It is our mission to create support and healing for everyone who feels called to Sacred Healing's powerful and compassionate foundation for healing. The prices below are in US Dollars.

 Sacred Healing Program $497


3 payments of $165



*Because we know one of the most difficult issues that people face when getting well is the enormous expense of healing, Julien offers scholarship opportunities for people working in social services, or who are on disability.

For scholarship information follow this link.