There is a great healing force available to us all as we rest in the part of ourselves that survives physical death, the part we generally call the “Soul”. Sacred Healers work form this energetic, or spiritual state, using their intention and the element of the sacred to manifest healing. The healer receives and generates energy, then transfers it to afflicted areas. She brings the body back to its original blueprint and the body heals. Distance does not matter. A Sacred Healer is adept at creating the appropriate healing energy and delivering it to the patient whether they are in the same room, or half way around the world. A Sacred Healer helps you to make a deep connection with your soulful Self, helping you to identify more and more from this powerfully healing awareness.

As a Sacred Healer I know that healing is possible. I know that no mater how tired you are, or overwhelmed, or how hopeless you may feel, your body knows how to heal. I’ve experienced the true nature of Sacred Healing and have seen incurable diseases completely healed, my own included. This has strengthened every aspect of my life and awakened a deep healing force, love and blessing within me, which is the foundation of all that I offer. 

Sacred Healing Sessions

Sacred Healing Sessions are offered in person, or by phone.  You can schedule online below, or if you have questions and need help, call Francesca at our office number at: 415-870-3242.

Your first session will be an Intake and will run longer than regular sessions.

Intake sessions are 45 minutes and the fee is $75.  After you schedule and pay an invoice will be emailed to you with a link to our intake form. You will be asked to fill out the intake form and attach a photo from a time in your life when you were healthy. 

Regular sessions are 30 minutes and the fee is $60.

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.

If you are receiving a phone session, Julien will call you at your scheduled time, on the number you provide. Please be in a relaxed environment sitting, or lying down with a speaker phone or headset. 

*If you'd like to schedule a series of sessions just select the RECURRING tab when prompted in online booking.