Publishing under the name Julien Longo, Julien has written a fiction series that follows the life of a traditional healer in the time of the greek Goddesses and Gods. Her story inspires and delights as it takes you into the mythical lives, romances and mystical adventures of the Greek Goddesses, Hera, as she becomes a priestess, and healer. Set on the mythic isle of Atlantis, Julien reinvents the Greek creation story and sets in motion an epic tale of mysticism, healing, and immortal love.

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“Hera will be savored!”

Hera will be savored long after it’s first read! I voraciously consumed Hera in only two sittings! It is an illuminated tale, masterfully told! Highly recommended.
— –Ariel Spilsbury, author of The Mayan Oracle & The Alchemy of Ecstasy
“Powerful storyteller!”

It’s been a long time since a novel has compelled me to stay up until the wee small hours at night… but Julien DuBrow Longo’s Hera is that book! What a powerful storyteller.
— –Vicki Noble, author of Shakti Woman & The Double Goddess. She is co-creator of Motherpeace.
“Masterfully written!”

Masterfully written and mesmerizing. Julien DuBrow Longo takes us on a vivid journey to the dawn of time when the Gods were gentle and the Goddesses strong.
— –Hallie Austen Iglehart author of The Heart of the Goddess & Womanspirit