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Calling The Priestess Home

Book 1 of The Priestess Chronicles

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Description and Reviews

In Book 1 of The Priestess Chronicles, Hera, queen of the Greek gods, captivates readers with her life story. She begins her tale as a young woman growing up on the shores of Atlantis. In the company of her friends, Artemis and Apollo, she adventures into the jungle awakening a mystical ability that changes the course of her life. The long held secret of Hera’s ties to an ancient lineage of powerful priestesses is revealed, and she is taken into the myth and mystery of the Emerald Temple, home of the High Priestess of Atlantis. In the temple Hera learns what it is to be a woman, and a priestess, in a time when the feminine face of the divine is being lost. Hera must find her way amidst immortal secrets, her longing for freedom, and a destiny that she was born to fulfill.

“Calling The Priestess Home will be savored long after it is first read! It is an illuminated tale, masterfully told! Highly recommended!”

Ariel Spilsbury author of The Mayan Oracle and Alchemy of Ecstasy

"It’s been a long time since a novel has compelled me to stay up until the wee small hours at night… but Julien DuBrow’s Calling The Priestess Home is that book!”  

Vicki Noble, author of Shakti Woman & The Double Goddess.

“The Priestess Chronicles are masterfully written and mesmerizing.  Julien DuBrow takes us on a vivid journey to the dawn of time when the Gods were gentle and the Goddesses strong."

Hallie Austen Iglehart author of The Heart of the Goddess & Womanspirit